Theses posts offer guidance on how to build effective professional relationships.

Strategic relationships – who do you need to know?

It is very easy in our day-to-day work lives to just get on with our job and interact with those where there is an immediate need. However, it is really key to think about which strategic relationships you need to build to support your career progression. Firstly, to fulfil your current role and also to support future roles you might [...]

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Get stuff done – five top tips for asking others to do tasks without feeling like a ‘nag’

At work, we all frequently depend on other people; we need to work with others to get stuff done, so relationships matter a great deal, both internally and externally. I frequently have clients ask me what to do to get others to do what they need to do or what they said they would do, to get stuff done! It [...]

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Could a flexible working programme help your team to flourish?

Most employees now have the right to ask an employer for flexible working. However, making it possible for staff to have a more flexible working life isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. There are also many benefits for the business in engaging with a flexible working programme that go above and beyond ticking boxes. The benefits of flexible working for employers [...]

Promotion & organisational performance is about more than getting the job done

If you have promoted people in your team, what has influenced your decision? Can you honestly say it was 100% down to their technical ability and knowledge? (Not that it should be). The reality is that these sorts of skills will only get you so far. Despite the focus being on knowledge and grades throughout school and university, to reach more [...]

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Repositioning ‘schmoozing’.

I was speaking to a friend recently who is a Director of a major property company, she was referring to a colleague who was feeling anxious that she felt she needed to 'schmooze’ more senior people to progress in her career. This is a common complaint that I hear and something that many people find challenging, both in terms of time and [...]

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Listening to problem solve

You have probably heard the saying about us having 2 ears and 1 mouth and the implication of that. We all know we should listen to really hear, despite it often being a challenge in our busy lives. I wanted to take the opportunity today to show how powerful listening is though, if you take the time to do it [...]

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Is a lack of emotional control getting in the way of your career progression?

How many times have you had an initial reaction to something and then thankfully had some time away and then your reaction has calmed down somewhat? Think of that demanding email from a client, or the email you receive late at night with some feedback when you are still working. Could this be getting in the way of your career [...]

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Exposure & Strategic Relationships must be part of the day job! Tips to get started.

How much thought do you give to gaining internal exposure in your organisation? Have you ever considered how vital it is to your career progression? In the last few weeks, I have heard of yet more examples of people missing out because of ‘a lack of exposure’ or a perceived absence of relationships with senior people. This can be very [...]

Fierce Conversation Principles Part 2

If you read my previous article (if you haven’t you can here)  I discussed the initial 4 principles of Susan Scott’s book ‘Fierce Conversations’. This week I want to look at the final 3 principles that support powerful, impactful and transformative conversations, so you can complete your thinking about what these conversations mean in reality and importantly how you can have [...]

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Fierce Conversation Principles Part 1

‘Fierce Conversations’, what does that phrase mean to you? It doesn’t mean aggressive, cruel or threatening, that’s for sure according to Susan Scott. If you read my previous articles about her book that carries this title, you’ll remember she shares some principles of having powerful conversations that in her words enrich relationships. As she also says, “The conversation is the relationship”. [...]

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