Do your people understand how and why to build successful professional relationships?

Do they know the effect that their personal positive personal impact can have on their success at work?

Let me show your people how to manage their personal impact and professional relationships so they can outperform your competitors.

When was the last time you bought a professional service based only on price and ‘technical’ ability? Relationships matter in business.

Companies that develop and maintain strong business relationships with their clients, network and colleagues always stand out and outperform their competitors.

Your people are at the forefront of your organisation – whilst technical expertise and knowledge are expected, it is your people that make the difference.


With increasing seniority, how your people come across, engage with others and build professional relationships become pivotal to your success. At the same time, these are frequently neglected capabilities in terms of development.


I work with Professional Services firms to ensure that their people come across positively in every professional scenario, representing themselves and their organisations well internally and externally.

Typical skills I help professionals understand and master include:

personal impact

Personal Impact – why Personal Impact matters for organisational performance and career progression and what affects it

'Office Politics'

Political Intelligence – what ‘ Office Politics’ is and how to navigate it positively for improved decision making and productivity

Managing Senior Relationships

Managing Senior Relationships – how to build positive relationships with more senior people for the benefit of the business

Succesful Client & Prospect Relationships

Successful Client & Prospect Relationships – how to build and maintain positive professional relationships with clients and prospects


Networking Skills – how to network confidently and strategically so it contributes to business success


LinkedIn – why it’s worth bothering, how to have an effective profile and build visibility

Being successful in a virtual world – the strategies to maximise personal impact and build and maintain successful relationships in the virtual, online professional world

Building Client & Prospect Relationships

Managing a Team – looking at the essential skills required to manage a team for productive and effective working, as well as employee retention.

I adapt everything to meet your company’s and peoples’ specific needs, so do discuss with me the areas that your people need help with.

These can be delivered as:

  • Workshops
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Seminars at events
  • One-to-one sessions

Or a combination of the above, depending on what you need.

All of these can be delivered face to face or remotely or both, depending on your people and their needs.

If your company prefers its people to undertake distance learning, then you may be interested in the DigiLite Learning Programmes that I offer with two partners.  We’ve combined our knowledge to offer engaging and transformative content that makes a difference.

Please get in touch for an initial discussion about your organisation and its needs.

“Joanna helped us develop a programme for employees to develop their Personal Impact and Networking capabilities.

Working collaboratively with us, Joanna developed and delivered an interactive, lively and ultimately very well received set of workshops.

The feedback from the delegates was excellent and has prompted us to look at our next set of development needs.

Thank you Joanna, you are such a pleasure to work with.

Regional Director, Allied Irish Bank

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