How are you feeling about your career? Do you feel you are progressing as you want to? Importantly, do you enjoy the environment you work in?

There can be lots of things that prevent the answers to those questions being positive but one core reason is rife in workplaces – ‘office politics’.

The simple fact is where you have people with different values, goals and assumptions, ‘office politics’ will be there. So that will most workplaces then…

Research shows that at its worst negative ‘office politics’ is one of the biggest causes of stress at work. As well as a negative impact on individuals, it can be highly detrimental to organisational performance. A lack of trust, high levels of conflict and lack of faith in top management lead to poor and inefficient decision making and ultimately lack of action and productivity. If you experience all of these in your organisation then the political climate is likely to be extremely negative. Some of these will be present in most organisations.
Another key indicator that ‘office politics’ is in a negative state is rumblings of people “just wanting to do the day job and not wanting to get involved in other stuff”. This state of mind frequently leads to people not progressing in their careers and in many cases the loss of valuable talent.

However, politics can be positive, it can be turned around. Once people understand what politics is, why it happens, their current behavioural profile and the effect their own behaviour can have on the overall environment, progress can be made.
Political intelligence is a sub-set of emotional intelligence, so a key skill to master for individuals to be able to make their full contribution at work.


As a licensed practitioner with the Academy for Political Intelligence (, I run diagnostic profiling with groups and individuals, so they understand their current behaviour and understand that of others. We look at this in the context of the organisation. This is supported by looking at the specific behaviours that need to be focused on going forwards at an individual, tailored level to influence the overall political environment and the progression of individuals in their careers.

Imagine the impact better decision making, increased action taking and a more trusting office environment could have on the performance of your organisation and the career progression of those in it?
What could it mean to your organisation to have improved morale, increased knowledge sharing and productivity, together with increased retention rates?
As an individual, imagine if you knew the key things to focus on to progress in your career and manage the challenges of how you work with others, with less stress?

To read my comprehensive guide to ‘office politics’ click here.

If you’d like to understand more about how this works at an individual or team level, contact me for a discussion. This is not something that is taught in business schools and very rarely on training courses. Typically, progress can be made in this area in a day with a group or 4 short sessions with an individual. Contact me to discuss further.

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