You may or may not have started to spend some time in the office, different companies and individuals are taking varying approaches.

If you have, I wonder whether it feels like old times or not. I think a number of factors will affect this – whether the physical environment has changed such as a different, smaller office, or moved furniture, how you feel about Covid itself and whether there are many others who have come back. There will be lots to get used to in the coming months.

Hybrid working will bring both benefits and challenges, that specific topic is for another time. This article is all about considering what you need to focus on for your career as you head back to the office. Working at home during the pandemic created different situations for us all. Some people tried to stick to working as normally as possible from home, others took the opportunity to do more self-development if they had more time and some just focused on the core tasks to get their main job role done and put the other elements aside. Particularly if you fall into the final category, this article is for you, although there is no harm in everyone having a rethink as things change again.

You can read the rest of the article I wrote for We Are the City here.