If you have read my article about considering PIE (if not here is the link) , you’ll understand how important ‘Exposure’ is to your career progression. How do you go about increasing your exposure? What should you consider?
In this article, I want to give you some top tips to start to make a plan about how to increase your exposure, so that more people know about you and the great work you do i.e. know about your great Performance from the PIE theory. After all, if it remains hidden then your progression will not be all that it could be. So here are my top 5 tips for getting started:

  1. Consider what your career objectives are and who do you need to know to help you meet those. Consider internal/external people, certain functions, peers and those who are more senior.
  2. How and where will you encounter those people?
  3. Take advantage of new connections you make at meetings, particularly if they are more senior internal people. Is it about suggesting a coffee to talk further on a topic? Connecting on an internal network or LinkedIn? How can you build trust to get invited to meetings where you people are that you want exposure to?
  4. Can you get involved in anything else at work that will expose you to different people i.e. activities not related to your role such as being on a social committee?
  5. Are you going to enough networking events – internal and external? How can you be building strong relationships at those?

To make this real, you need to write a plan. That involves setting your objectives, brainstorming who the people are to help you with those objectives (which might be about exposure internally or externally) and having a traffic light coding, so you know which relationships have begun and need more development and which need to start from scratch. This should be a living, breathing document that should continually be updated and reviewed. Setting aside 10 minutes every couple of weeks to do this can be very helpful.
I’ve helped lots of people progress their careers by working with them on how they impact others and build relationships. If you’d like to discuss how I can help you, please get in touch.
If you’d like to receive a template to help you start work on your exposure plan, please email me [email protected] with the title ‘Strategic Relationships Template’ in your email.
Image courtesy of: freeimages.com/KarstenWRohrbach