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Getting On: Making work work by Joanna Gaudoin

“This book is the guide to turbo charge your career, it’s super accessible and I’d highly recommend it.” Melanie Stancliffe, Partner, Cripps

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How can this book help you?

You may have been promoted because of your excellent technical ability - and are now struggling as you take on wider responsibilities in your new role.

You may have been told you won't be promoted until you work on your non-technical skills – skills such as managing others, business development and building strategic relationships.

Or you may be struggling to get decent advice about how to progress your career.

If this sounds familiar, then you are who I wrote this book for.

In my bestselling book Getting On: Making work work, I clearly lay out how you can master those non-technical skills, allowing you to successfully navigate professional life, progress and have greater career satisfaction.

This is your guide to remove those daily career stumbling blocks that are holding you back.

Joanna Gaudoin, Author, Getting On: Making work work.

“Ever wondered why you’re not progressing as you want in your career? This is a rare, comprehensive and very readable resource to help you with understanding yourself, the sometimes confusing world of work relationships and how to approach things differently. I wish I had been able to read it earlier.”

Pauline Freegard MBA, Legal Sector Consultant

What you will get from this book

  • Tangible guidance on what drives career success.

  • Specific advice on how to proactively manage career challenges.

  • Clear steps to help you build an actionable career development plan.

  • A bank of downloadable resources to help you work on specific areas, supported by the book. View the resources.

  • Easy to reference summary points by chapter.


I’ll be returning to its insights time and time again and can’t overstate how impressive and useful this will be to anyone wanting to develop their career. I’d highly recommend it.

— Melanie Stancliffe, Partner, Cripps

Joanna has a way of showing you things about yourself that seem obvious afterwards, but we sometimes miss because we can’t see the wood for the trees. I would encourage anyone, at any point in their career, even if senior, to read this book.

— Annette Bannister, Managing Director, Head of European Infrastructure, financial services

Joanna has created, in a relatively compact read, some compelling guidance and valuable development gems for professionals at any stage of their career. I wish I had read this book years ago but it is never too late to learn – the honesty, practical exercises and reflection suggestions will bring me back to this book again and again.

— Susan Spash, Partner, Blick Rothenberg

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