Most career challenges don’t come from your ability to do the work.

They come from the impact you have on others.

From the professional relationships you have.

Let me show you how to manage your personal impact and professional relationships, so you can achieve the career progression you desire.


Your ability to master your Personal Impact and Manage Relationships affects how successful you are.

I help smart, ambitious professionals who want to succeed.

I equip you with the insight, skills and confidence to navigate a variety of professional situations.

Together, we create a plan to help you achieve your career goals. Then, together, we put that plan into action. I guide and mentor you, equipping you with new skills then helping you hone them as you work towards achieving your goals.

Read how I’ve helped my clients achieve their professional goals.

I work with individual clients through my Career Progression Programme™.

This programme focuses on the two business skills of Personal Impact and Successful Relationship Building. These skills are essential for progressing your career.

As this programme is completely tailored to you and your needs, we work on a 1 to 1 basis only. It’s intense. It’s packed. It involves changing your behaviour and putting new skills into practice. But it delivers the results you need.

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“Thank you – I’ve now secured an exciting opportunity since leaving the organisation I’d worked at for over 14 years; it took me less than two months.

I was told recently, “You’re a talent; I want to work with you because I’m going to get you that C-Suite role”.

With the work Joanna has done with me, I know I will.”

Anonymous, Programme Manager, Large Corporate

Typical skills and challenges I help clients with as part of the Inside Out Image Career Progression Programme™:

Personal Impact


career progression

Learn the Personal Impact foundations of appearance, body language and voice, so you can make an impact that leads to professional success.

Present Engagingly

Present engagingly

Being able to present engagingly on and off line, in the real and virtual world, and with confidence in your communication and influencing skills is key to career progression.

New Role or Promotion

career progression

Create an engaging CV and LinkedIn profile, a job search strategy, and make sure you have the right impact at the interview to get the new role you want. First impressions, what you say and how all matter.

Successful Relationship Management

Exposure & Strategic Relationships

career progression

Build the exposure and strategic relationships you need to progress – genuine relationship building is a skill that can be learnt!

Positive ‘Office Politics’ 

career progression

‘Office politics’ is how you interact with your colleagues and how they perceive your behaviour. Learn how to navigate ‘office politics’ positively, essential to career success.

Networking Skills & Confidence

Networking skills and confidence

Network to get results. When you have a strategy and the skills, you will build a valuable network that will support your current role and career.

Internal Relationships

career progression

Get the most from your team and manage your boss. These relationships are key to delivering work effectively and supporting your career progression.

Read more about the Inside Out Image Career Progression Programme™ here.

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