I am delighted to share the Calico press release below, announcing that Inside Out Image has joined Calico as an Associate – helping to provide relevant knowledge and insight to the legal sector.


In keeping with the mood elsewhere Calico Legal Solutions Group is looking forward to a brighter year, with new members, a fresh editorial focus, and an expanded webinar program providing a real shot in the arm.

Joining an expanding membership, the latest Calico Key Partner is Acorn Business Finance, with managing director Stuart Gibson taking the lead. Acorn looks to offer a far more positive, enabling approach when it comes to commercial finance and will be advising on how emerging and expanding businesses can look beyond their bank for funding.

Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image who works with lawyers to develop their non-technical skills, and business coaching and consulting firm, Tricres, led by CEO Rebecca Bonnington, have joined as Calico Associates. With more and more focus on individual and organisational improvement, this will give Calico followers access to some of the best performance-related content available from two acknowledged leaders in their field.

All three new members will certainly be contributing to this year’s central content theme – the re-imagining of the law firm in a post-pandemic world. The last 12 months revealed not just how resilient law firms could be but actually just what they were capable of, when driven by necessity rather than choice. So what happens next? What of the new do we keep in place, what of the old do we reclaim, how might we think and act differently going forward, what are the opportunities available, how have people changed and what might the collective impact of all of this be on future business planning? It’s a huge, fascinating area and Calico members will be exploring it in detail throughout 2021.

A core element of that subject matter focus will be an expanded monthly webinar program. Previous digital outings got strong attendance from senior law firm leaders and excellent feedback. This year’s calendar will cycle through a range of strategically important hot topics, including the new opportunities and challenges to recruiting and retaining talent, managing distributed legal teams for the long-term, and a deep-dive, over several dates, into business development and marketing strategies for law firm leaders.

Calico founder Pauline Freegard comments: “For all of the challenges that we are facing as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, there’s also an undeniable excitement in the air as suddenly anything is possible. Things firms had never conceived of doing – or being able to do – they did, and very well in a lot of cases, and that’s encouraging a lot of businesses to re-think and re-imagine their futures. We’re really looking forward to exploring it in all its dimensions in the months to come as a collective sector community to add value to law firm leadership.”

Calico Supplier Chair Stephen Pritchard, CEO of Matrix247, added:

” The strength of the Calico group is simply the combined wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared by not just the members, but more importantly their law firm clients. All the key components needed when creating a re-imagined law firm business plan are constantly shared; from infrastructure, people and partner engagement, risk and financial best practice, to process optimisation, resulting ultimately in enhanced pounds and profit enabling an enriched bottom-line.

Case studies and client journeys of many transformations from the thousands of combined law firm clients were presented during 2020 by the Calico team. We aim to build on this further during 2021 to assist in law firms’ understanding of the art of the possible backed with the historic evidence of hundreds of firms that are already a long way down the re-imagined path. Further enabling well-thought-through strategies for our law firm leader audience that can be successfully adopted.”

Calico Legal Solutions Group

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