“I invited Inside Out Image to provide a time limited presentation to a group of professionals and service providers with a specific brief and with rather short notice.  

The whole concept of personal impact, demeanour and stance etc. was enlightening as well as being commercial outcomes focused.

The delivery was excellent and the tone was warm and considerate whilst also having a clear commercial bias. I would have no hesitation in inviting them to present for us again whatsoever.”

Shak Inayat, Principal Solicitor, Penn Chambers

“The course had just the right mix of humour, insight and knowledge to keep the audience engaged and interested throughout. Their understanding of social networking and leveraging it to influence and build professional relationships was extremely beneficial.” 

Derek Mills, Business Development Manager, LexisNexis

“They presented on image for Balance at HSBC to over 200 people across 10 sites across the UK. The presentation was informative and engaging and we have received fantastic feedback from our members – I look forward to working further with Inside Out Image in the future.”

Sam Cooper-Gray, Head of Business Management, Commercial Banking, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, HSBC

“I met Joanna during the challenging period of transitioning out of my long term employment and immediately felt the connection. Joanna struck me as someone who is very easy to talk to and relate to both professionally and personally. I chose Joanna to support me during preparation for the interview process, as I felt the customised approach would address my specific needs better, rather than the standard outplacement support many companies offer. She used a few powerful techniques to master my delivery, as well as offered invaluable advice on my non-verbal and verbal communication. After just a few sessions, I felt empowered and more prepared for the interviews. I also appreciated Joanna’s input on my CV and the LinkedIn profile that were reviewed and further increased my chances of landing the next dream job, which I have now done. I will happily recommend Joanna to any professional that is going through transition.

IC, Senior HR Business Partner, Large Corporate

“Joanna added a new and fresh angle to our annual event. Her engaging, relevant and useful talk found real empathy in our guests and encouraged conversation and networking.  We would highly recommend her services.”

Janice Martin, Partner, Kerman & Co

“Joanna hosted an evening with Hays Leading Women sharing with us how to be positively memorable in our roles at work and, outside of the business environment – the evening was entertaining and informative. Our Hays Leading Women engaged in lively conversations and shared many experiences. Joanna was able to relate to all of us, with our many varied backgrounds and our different challenges. I would highly recommend Joanna.”

Clare Kemsley, UK&I Marketing, Retail and Sales Managing Director, Hays

“Joanna was invited to speak at an IAM Continuing Professional Development event on the subject of “Why Personal Impact and Relationship Building Matter for Success”. 
Her presentation was very well judged in terms of content and pacing, and her knowledge of the subject was exceptional. Like all good professional speakers she made sure to credit other sources and actually used this to provide a list of further reading for attendees. 
Inevitably when one speaks on subjects of this type one is evaluated on presentation skills, both in terms of appearance and communication ability. I am happy to say that Joanna is extremely professional in all aspects of her delivery. She has a warm, natural style and communicates clearly and with conviction on her chosen subject.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in inviting Joanna to present for us again and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Andrew Jardine, General Manager, IAM

“We loved having Joanna speak at our monthly talk. Joanna managed to explain, in a very clear and concise way, the key skills to getting the most out of networking. She offered practical tips for the various stages of networking: before, during and after attending a networking event. She also illustrated the concepts well by giving amusing real life experiences. The group were keen to try out these tips and Joanna stayed around to help us apply these to the after-event networking drinks.”

Nicole, Staple Inn Actuarial Society Committee

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Inside Out Image for coaching and speaking engagements. They spoke at the 2016 IFoA Momentum conference for 200 nearly and newly qualified actuaries. They delivered the opening plenary on networking, which was extremely well received delivering insightful tips and real-life advice.
At the same conference, they also gave a workshop on negotiation skills, where they shared insights from their wider experience and break down the approach to negotiation into a digestible form; quite a challenge for a 1 hour talk.”

Russ Bowdrey, Strategic Asset Allocation, Aviva

“I contacted Joanna following a change of jobs. I quickly felt that I was out of the loop from an image perspective. Colleagues would be surprised by my level of responsibilities and I felt less and less confident. The turning point came when I realised that my image was not only complicating my current work, but also any future career in this company.

Joanna and I agreed to work on all areas of my personal impact – appearance, body language and communication, starting with creating a new wardrobe and working on gaining professional confidence. While I was convinced that a ‘simple’ overhaul of my wardrobe would be sufficient, the techniques she gave me to deal for example with difficult professional situations proved as, if not more, important for my image.

What I appreciated with Joanna was the focus on what I wanted and not only what she thought I should do. We worked for example on a classic but colourful wardrobe. This suited my industry, without taking out my personality and giving me more confidence in what to wear. She used a similar process for the techniques. The latter allowed me for example to dramatically improve my relations with senior management. As I was now taken more seriously, I have more and better relations, no longer needing to justify my presence, but instead concentrating on what needs to be done.

While working with Joanna might seem a substantial investment, I would not hesitate to do it again. It allowed me to really take possession of my role and be more confident in my abilities.”

AL, Transformation Manager, Large Corporate

“Joanna was personally recommended to me by a trusted executive coach, to help me with my work on self-image.  I was in a protracted, competitive directorship selection process; I felt I needed help to present myself appropriately, to look professional and feel confident while remaining authentic. 
I spent an enjoyable day with Joanna covering many aspects of style, colours and appearance.  It was so relevant, practical and helpful, and the skills learnt have been easy to implement into everyday life.
I already I feel I have made great improvements and I have received unsolicited compliments within my workplace.”

Alison G, Finance Director, Legal Sector

“My aim in working with Joanna was to create a more professional and impactful image at work, and build my confidence for key client meetings and presentations.

I found Joanna’s advice really helpful in identifying which shades and tones of colours would work best, the most flattering shapes and lengths and the type of clothes/accessories to help create the stylish professional image I was looking for.

She managed to encourage me away from my favoured neutral beiges and pale pinks towards strong bright colours which definitely stand out in a sea of dark suits, and I’ve noticed engender positivity and confidence in me when I wear them.

Joanna has also provided recommendations of specific stores for stylish workwear and found interesting pieces online to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, which has helpfully widened my horizons away from the standard high street choices.”

Beth A, Associate Director, Property Sector

“I heard of Joanna through a close friend. I was not a believer in professional coaching and personal image, in terms of believing that I needed someone to help me with it. However, after several job applications and still not getting any interviews, I decided to give Joanna a try.

My first session with Joanna was mind blowing, she teased out a lot of information from me; I was amazed how much I had achieved in my career and the exceptional difference and value I had made along the way.

Joanna has a skill and a way that helped me be able to talk and conceptualise my achievements and experiences in an interesting, and relaxed manner.  In doing this my confidence increased, which helped me make the decision to leave the organisation I had been with for over 14 years.

Joanna helped in bringing out and shaping what I had done in my career, in a way that made an impact, without sounding over confident, and also at the same time capturing the attention of my audience. 

Sessions with Joanna improved my self-confidence and gave me the self-belief that I could get the job I wanted.

I have now secured an exciting opportunity since leaving the organisation I ahd worked at for over 14 years, it took me less than two months. A Head Hunter told me recently “You are a talent; I want to work with you because I am going to get you that C-Suite role, as I believe in you”.  I have not landed the C-Suite role yet, but with the work Joanna has done with me, I know I will.

Thank you Joanna, you have helped me in ways even you can’t imagine. Great work.”

Anonymous, Programme Manager, Large Organisation

“In April 2016, Joanna was the after lunch speaker at The Room Upstairs business event. Her talk was excellent – well paced, absorbing, appropriately and professionally illustrated and relevant to her audience of mainly business women.
It was obvious to us all that Joanna is an expert in her field. ‘Credibility, likeability and trust as the foundation of good professional relationships’ is Joanna’s mantra. She more than lived up to what are clearly her personal guiding principles and I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna both as a speaker and as an image expert.”

Sandi Goddard, Managing Director, Strategic Consultancy

“I met Joanna at a networking event and was impressed by her approach. I felt that she would add “consultant” weight to our proposed office dress code assessment and be able to advise on how to bring this forward. We have now completed this and she dealt with the process with feeling and a clear understanding of the issues involved both from the individual’s perspective and our own and with sympathy to our budget. I have already recommended her to others and would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks, Joanna!”

Nick Richardson, Partner, rhw solicitors

“I approached Joanna Gaudoin in June 2015 after recognising that professional networking advice was urgently required if my new Geneva coaching practice was to prosper.  

Joanna has consistently delivered expert counsel, unbiased feedback and strategies that have been pivotal to my conceptualisation of niche and personal branding. 

Joanna’s business pedigree, excellent communication skills and integrity quickly secured my trust and respect. But it is, I think, her unconditional commitment to a client’s success that makes her such an exceptional professional. A burgeoning belief that I can, and will, take my place in the business sector (having made the transition from academic research to executive coach), bears testimony to Joanna’s outstanding skills as a mentor.  

It is an absolute delight and privilege working with her.”

Susan L, Business Owner