Your CV

The key job of your CV is to help you to stand out in the pile/inbox and make it a no brainer that a potential employer should see you.

Therefore, your CV needs to:

  • make it super clear what your skills and experience are
  • include ‘hooks’, so that potential employers want to know more
  • be concise
  • have a clear story demonstrated by your role transitions
  • be professionally set out with white space and no spelling or grammar errors (sounds basic but you’d be surprised).

When I work with my clients on their CV, we go through a process of CV Reinvention.

I make sure we really bring out the most important elements of their career, highlighting the aspects they will talk about most engagingly in an interview – your CV is often a springboard for the conversation, which is why it’s vital it’s right.

If you want to know more about my CV Reinvention service for making you next career move, get in touch.

Your LinkedIn profile and activity

There are 2 objectives to using LinkedIn for finding a new job:

  1. So that when people who have heard about you elsewhere check it out you have a great profile to reinforce what they have heard / seen already e.g. they have received your CV and want to know more
  2. For people to find your profile on LinkedIn and proactively contact you for relevant opportunities.

Whilst updating your profile doesn’t have to take a long time, you can’t build the connections and activity you need quite so quickly to increase your visibility so that people can find you.

Therefore, I strongly recommend updating your profile regularly (this has other professional benefits too) and spending some time regularly on the platform interacting with others.

Whether you are looking for a new role imminently or are planning ahead, read my article which details the key areas of your profile to focus on.

Note: your LinkedIn profile is not the entirety of your CV copied across!

Next steps:

If you’d like professional help with these or any aspects of making your next career move, then do get in touch with me; I’d be happy to help.

To read my full guide on looking for a new role click here.

“I used Joanna’s services to rework all my application related documents and get those in the best possible shape.

She is a fabulous career adviser, coach and word smith. Joanna makes a sometimes cumbersome process easy to navigate. She really wants to understand what makes you tick, what happened and why in your career, your motivation, why you made certain career decisions.

She asks excellent questions. I had the most valuable conversations with her, which prepared me in the best way possible for the interviews.

Needless to say that all the work paid off and I landed my dream job!

I can highly recommend Joanna’s services and plan to go back to work with her again on my next move.”

Stefanie Dobbert, Strategic Head, Global Pharmaceutical Company
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