“When I met Joanna I was in a tough spot, trying to navigate my way through some difficult political situations within my team and what felt like a very toxic environment. 


After an initial conversation, I felt like Joanna would be able to help guide me through the next few months, so I signed up for a 7-session programme. 


Joanna got straight to the point, understanding the environment I was in, all the different characters I was dealing with, and she started to help me unpick where the issues were. 


We spent a lot of time working out what the problems really were, the direct conversations I needed to have, and also getting me to see things from a different perspective.  


The political intelligence Joanna helped me develop allowed me to realise that others may not see me the same way that I see myself, and vice versa. I can honestly say that 7 sessions later, I am a different person.


I feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities, and often stop to think about how something may be perceived or viewed by my team.”

Negative ‘Office Politics’ is one of the biggest causes of work place stress and absence in the UK.

Additionally, it diminishes effective decision-making and productivity for companies, creates a damaging environment, and often stunts career progression for individuals. If you’re feeling some of these effects, you are far from alone. Most of my clients’ professional challenges are related to others at work.

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