This is a guest post from DesignatedPA about the value of having a Personal Assistant for your business image, it will also help you to think about that qualities you might want when you are selecting one. 
Having a Personal Assistant (PA) can do wonders for your business productivity, efficiency and organisation – but did you know that they can also make big difference to your business image? Being the first point of contact for your company, a PA makes an important impact and can be vital in terms of creating a good first impression.
Here are 5 ways a PA can enhance your business image:
Communication skills – Nothing creates a bad first impression like typos in a client email or newsletter. Thankfully, a PA is a communication expert. From phone calls to emails, a PA handles all client enquiries with clear and professional communication. Having someone with these expert skills handling or proofreading and editing your communications shows your business is reliable and professional.
Upholding your brand image – How do you want your business brand to appear to clients? As the face of your company to prospective clients, your PA is the personification of your business values. A PA can uphold and maintain your business image throughout the client relationship and provide continuity. Clients will know from the start exactly what your business stands for.
Relationship building with clients – As a PA will often be the first human contact a new client has with your business, they are an integral part in creating a positive and on-brand experience for clients. Having a PA builds trust with clients and demonstrates that your business values these relationships – much more than an online appointment calendar.
Client feedback – Feedback is a valuable tool in helping you to tweak your business to serve your customers the best. Asides from participating in formal feedback surveys, it can be hard to gauge how your clients are feeling. Having a PA means there is someone a client can give informal feedback to, and allow you to get a better gauge on what’s working in your business.  Having a regular debrief with your PA about clients will give you great insight and gives you a heads up on any issues before they become problems.
Personal impact – Having a PA reflects positively on you as the business owner and raises your credibility. It shows that you take your business seriously enough to hire a PA to handle administration tasks, so you can focus your time on your expertise – serving your clients.
DesignatedPA can help you find the right PA for you. Visit their website or give them a call 020 7952 1460 to discuss how they can help you. Remember, your PA may be the first experience a client or prospect has of your company, so it needs to be a positive one.