Project Description

The Brief

This Law firm was very reliant on just a proportion of the team networking and networking successfully to build new relationships and bring in prospective new clients.

They needed to ensure that more team members could network confidently, so that they could increase their professional network without overburdening a few people.

The Solution

Joanna Gaudoin ran an interactive masterclass covering all the different stages of networking, from preparing to go, attending and what to do afterwards. The advice and skills covered were tangible and practical to put into action.

The Result

More team members were equipped with the skills and confidence they needed to go to networking events and achieve more from them. Even the experienced networking senior partners found they could make improvements so they could be more effective.

“Joanna ran an excellent and very well received seminar entitled ‘The Skills and Confidence to Get More Out of Networking’.

Everyone, from junior to senior team members, learnt something new and several members of the team mentioned what a great public speaker Joanna was.  

She managed to effectively mix up the session so that there were periods of her speaking, chats and role play which meant no one got bored.

It was a most enjoyable and useful session and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who needs help networking (which is, let’s face it, all of us)!”

Philippa Sturt, Managing Partner, Joelson Law