Project Description

The Brief

The firm had employees whose technical actuarial skills were excellent. However, the Managing Director wanted them to engage better with clients, particularly when being briefed on work, engaging throughout a project and delivering the results.

They knew that this would improve relationships and lead to increased revenue generation. They also wanted the group to develop their networking skills so that they could find and build stronger, more positive relationships.

The Solution

Joanna Gaudoin, Inside Out Image, developed and ran a series of small group workshops over several months.

These covered the key topics of personal impact and the different ‘tools’ we have to make an impact, as well as focusing on some specific professional scenarios where having an impact and strong relationship building skills are key.

Joanna also ran one-to-ones were with each individual after each workshop. These were crucial to embed and personalise the learning, as well as answer additional questions about challenges individuals were facing.

The Result

The employees Joanna worked with improved their Personal Impact skills significantly. This also increased their self-assurance with the result that they now relate to and engage clients more positively and confidently.

Joanna Gaudoin carried out a programme of workshops and one to ones for our junior to mid-level Consultants, covering image and impact, body language and networking.

This development was a departure from the typical technical or consulting skills training, but was received well, and genuinely made a noticeable difference.

We will look to extend this to more senior colleagues in the coming months, as it truly was an effective, alternative development activity for our professionals.”

Divisional Managing Director, Large Actuarial Consultancy