Project Description

Mastering ‘Office Politics’

How I helped this client turn negative ‘office politics’ into a positive situation.

The Problem

“I decided to seek Joanna’s help following some setbacks with key relationships at work last year.

It seemed no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t ‘gel’ with my boss and key colleagues. This was affecting my performance as the Head of a Department and my career prospects in the large corporate I’m part of– it was time to take action.”

The Solution

“I had four Career Progression Programme sessions with Joanna, all of which focused on political intelligence and personal impact.

Joanna coached, guided and tutored me; and I learned so much.

Joanna made sure all my learning was grounded in the reality of my situation. She provided practical examples and advice on how to tackle some key relationships with my work colleagues and key stakeholders. She gave me advice about how to handle specific situations and feedback when I started implementing my actions.”

The Result

“I started implementing my agreed actions with Joanna and immediately experienced positive results. This gave me the confidence to implement more.

My professional relationships are now smoother and more positive; my performance has increased and I am confidently paving the way for my career progression.  From being in a difficult situation with diminished confidence, I have now been promoted and am delighted.

The learning with Joanna was an investment well spent.”

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