Project Description

The Brief

Metro Bank want to have fans not customers, so how their people engage with their customers, as the UK’s newest high street bank is of paramount importance. Therefor the personal impact of each individual matters greatly – how they utilise the ‘tools’ of appearance, body language and voice to engage effectively. Additionally, how their people engage in different scenarios to build positive and long lasting relationships.

The Solution

Inside Out Image delivers interactive workshops to support Area Directors, to make sure their teams focus on these essential skills topics. To embed and personalise the learning, each individual also has a one-to-one after the workshop with Inside Out Image, this is also an opportunity to ask more personal questions and receive tailored responses.

The Result

Improved the ability of the team to deliver a great customer service experience and positively impacted business performance.


“Inside Out Image has been supporting Metro Bank with group and 1-2-1 sessions around maximising personal image, appearance, body language and voice to improve customer experience and business performance. Joanna is very knowledgeable and professional and has switched on some ‘light bulb moments’ for me and my colleagues. A powerful reminder that business is about the connecting of people and that HOW we do that is the pathway to success.”

Duncan Simmons, Area Director, Metro Bank