Project Description

Understanding and dealing with career blocks

How I adapted the approach as the situation changed and helped my client moved forward.

The Problem

“I know I’m excellent at my job and highly experienced but I couldn’t seem to progress. The support and advice I received from my manager and HR Department seemed good on paper  – but in reality it did nothing to help me understand what was stopping my progression or to move forward.”

The Solution

“I had seen Joanna speak, we then had an individual conversation.

It became clear, immediately, that Joanna was the right person to help me.

Clear, engaging, direct and knowledgeable, within our first session she identified the office politics and games that were holding me back. We came up with strategies and an action plan for me to implement immediately.

Over the next few sessions, we analysed my situation and how it was evolving. While my skills at relationship building and management had radically improved, it was becoming apparent that one senior person was blocking me and that they weren’t going to stop.

So, we changed tack. Joanna began to advise me on an exit strategy, utilising my now strengthened network and new personal impact skills.”

The Result

“I have moved on, still in my large corporate, but to a better environment and a level up.

I’ve taken this opportunity to start positively and began my new role with the aim of building strong relationships with my new colleagues.

I’m happier and in control – and know that I can now keep moving up to get to where I want to.”

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