If you have promoted people in your team, what has influenced your decision?
Can you honestly say it was 100% down to their technical ability and knowledge? (Not that it should be).
The reality is that these sorts of skills will only get you so far. Despite the focus being on knowledge and grades throughout school and university, to reach more senior levels at work, other skills are necessary.

To read about four areas to focus on to progress your career, click here.

These skills primarily resolve around the ability to interact well with people – relationship building skills. As well as the obvious people such as clients where there is a requirement to retain them and where possible, win more work from them, there are also other categories of people. These include:
Prospects who may be considering using your company’s services, after all if you are in a market where the services offered are fairly generic e.g. As a large law firm, it will be expected that your legal knowledge is second to none, then it is how the service is delivered which is the differentiator and your people account for most of this.

Potential referrers/partners – building these relationships is a key way to get clients referred to you, if they are recommended from a trusted source, they are less likely to look at several options. This can be a very good way to grow a business.

Internally – good internal relationships mean increased productivity, better decision making and more motivated employees which means people are less likely to leave, so avoiding all the upheaval and cost this brings.

There are of course lots of opportunities and scenarios in which we need to have good relationship building skills. If you are interested in thinking about these a bit more, whether for your own career or with regard to your team for the performance of your organisation, drop me an email requesting my new whitepaper Stopping Your Employees from Hitting a Wall to Drive Your Organisation Forward. Or, if you’d like a complimentary, no obligation Career Booster conversation to discuss your situation, click here to book.

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