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Business Development Training For Law Firms

Attract prospective clients to drive your firm's growth

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Want to grow your law firm’s revenue but unsure how best to deploy time and money?

Are you unsure what is working well and how to improve it?

Does it feel like only a few of you bring in most of the fees?

I can help. I’m Joanna Gaudoin, Managing Director of Inside Out Image. I have worked with thousands of law firms, so if you're looking for business development training for your firm, you've come to the right place.

For a firm to grow, all the lawyers need to actively contribute to business development and bring clients in. However, too often, they lack these essential business development skills – skills that are the foundation of a firm’s growth.

In small and mid-size law firms, these skills are particularly necessary. Successful law firms have the right business development foundations in place so that your lawyers earn fees AND find new client opportunities.

Many lawyers lack the skills to help their firm grow; however, with the right training, they can improve their business development performance. Once shown these skills and encouraged to practice them, your lawyers can actively contribute to finding, nurturing, and bringing onboard more new clients.

With my knowledge and years of experience working with law firms, I understand the legal profession. I offer tailored business development training, which is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your law firm accelerates growth.

I know lawyers - I have worked with thousands of them

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I have that crucial outside ‘eye’, developed in a previous career working with corporates, which allows me to cut through and see what is needed in a firm when it comes to creating strong law firm business development foundations and culture.

I've been particularly successful at getting results with people who don’t find ‘non-technical’ skills easy – I understand their reticence to do something that’s commonly seen as: ‘not what I trained for’.

I help upskill lawyers in a practical and action-focused way so they can see how important these ‘other’ skills are and how, in reality, business development skills are just as essential to their careers as being excellent lawyers.

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The Business Development Accelerator - how it works

Lawyers often struggle to integrate business development into their daily working lives. They need to be shown how to set up and run a staged, sustainable approach to business development that maximises opportunities.

I make this happen with law firms across three phases:

Phase 1: Assessment

This in-depth assessment analyses how strong your foundations for effective business development are, identifying key weaknesses and a plan of action to improve them.

I will:

  • spend time with your key team members to understand how strong your law firm’s business development currently is, critically looking at all the key interacting elements;

  • analyse the results of my findings, determining how strong your business development foundations are and what needs to be done to strengthen them;

  • prepare and deliver a report detailing what’s working well, your key gaps, and how to remedy those through quick wins and longer-term action and development.

The assessment includes understanding the current level of business development skills in place in your firm, and the processes and culture that support results-driven business development.

Throughout the assessment process, I will remain in contact with you so you know how the assessment is progressing. This partnership approach means you'll reach the report stage with a good understanding of what to expect and where that has come from.

This phase of work provides you with clarity, priorities and focus to grow your firm’s revenue.

Phase 2: Foundations and Skills

Phase 2 addresses your gaps to make improvements. I will work with you on the key actions, delivering tailored solutions that fit your firm and ensuring they get properly embedded into your firm.

This phase is focused on establishing the right foundations and making sure your lawyers understand their role in business development, what they need to do, and how, alongside doing chargeable work.

It is fundamental that business development is set up for success by becoming part of business as usual.

Phase 3: Maintaining Momentum

Phase 3 is maintaining the momentum. Having invested so much into strengthening your business development processes and culture, you now need to keep it going.

I will help you maintain this momentum through regular accountability and planned ‘top-up’ training to make sure the existing team and new joiners have the skills they need.

The specifics of these phases vary from firm to firm, as each law firm is likely to be at a different stage and have different strengths and gaps from other firms.

It is a tailored approach.

What next?

Book a free consultation to find out more about how we can work together and request my paper on The Importance of a Business Development Culture in Mid-size Law Firms to learn more about what you need to consider.