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Inside Out Image helps organisations drive greater business success

Highly effective professional communication and relationship skills are crucial to improved performance

Your people and how they interact with your clients, and each other, gives your firm a competitive edge.

‘Strong Personal Impact’ and ‘Relationship Management’ skills are vital for success.

Everyday your team members interact with a range of people. Each interaction creates an impact – positive or negative. These impacts affect business performance.

As an experienced personal impact and professional relationships expert, Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image improves your people’s ability to have a positive Personal Impact and build excellent professional relationships.

When positive Personal Impact and excellent Relationship Management skills are lacking, you see negative ‘Office Politics’, poor client experience and reduced client retention. Overall, weaker than desired performance.

When Joanna helps your people strengthen these ‘soft’ skills, it leads to continuous strong performance. 

Joanna begins by understanding where your people are now and the impact this is having on their performance. Working with you, she'll suggest a bespoke approach which meets your organisation's needs. Joanna then works with you and your people in the agreed way, to deliver the desired results.

Give your people the competitive edge. Contact Joanna for an initial conversation. 

When these ‘soft’ skills are strengthened they lead to continuous strong performance.

Inside Out Image specialises in helping your people understand why these skills really matter and showing them how to develop them.

The Personal Impact and Relationship Management skills that I help your people develop and master include:

Personal Impact

Why Personal Impact matters for organisational performance and career progression and what affects it.

Political Intelligence

What ‘Office Politics’ is and how to navigate it positively for improved decision making and productivity.

Managing Senior Relationships

How to build positive relationships with more senior people for the benefit of the business.

Successful Client & Prospect Relationships

How to build and maintain positive professional relationships with clients and prospects.

Networking Skills

How to network confidently and strategically so it contributes to business success.


Why it’s worth bothering, how to have an effective profile and build visibility.

Meeting Effectiveness

How to run and participate in meetings to make sure they are effective and a good use of time.

Managing a Team

Looking at the essential skills required to manage a team for productive and effective working, as well as employee retention.

Presenting Engagingly

Whether formally or informally, presenting information to effectively inform, influence and/or motivate action.

Dealing with Feedback

Ensuring feedback is given regularly and effectively, as well as digested and acted upon is key to people and organisational improvement.

I work with your people through:

  • Group Sessions, including Workshops, Masterclasses and Seminars

  • Training Programmes

  • One-to-One Development

  • Team Away Days

  • Speaking Engagements.

Discuss with me what your organisation needs.

Joanna ran a fantastic session on ‘Navigating Office Politics’ for my team. Talking through these ideas really helped people realise that understanding and managing colleagues is a vital skill, no less important than delivering high-quality technical work.

— Senior Technical Specialist, Major UK Financial Institution

Having had the pleasure to see Joanna in action delivering a session to our newly qualified associates the other week, I can highly recommend her to other firms looking to run training on professional impact.

— Head of Learning & Development, Forsters LLP

I wanted to change the behaviours and improve the performance of our finance team. Joanna took the time to understand the situation and designed an ‘away day’ for the team aimed at initiating that change. She delivered a well thought out programme, leading us through the process of clarifying our goals, identifying gaps and putting together a plan to deliver improvement. Joanna was open and engaging throughout and the team left feeling energised and enthused.

— Nigel De Silva, UK P&I Club and Chief Actuary Thomas Miller

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