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‘Office Politics’, ‘Making an Impact’, ‘Networking for Success’...

Are you looking for an authoritative, engaging speaker on all areas of
professional Personal Impact and Relationship Management?

Whether you want to focus on one specific area or provide an overview, Joanna’s speaking engagements are characterised by practical advice and suggestions, based on research and experience, and brought to life with real-life stories.

Joanna has been booked for speaking events by Barclays, HSBC, The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, The Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

The type of events Joanna speaks at include:

• Corporate Conferences

• Team Building Days

• Networking Events

• Professional Body Conferences

• CPD Events.

If you want an inspirational speaker who provides practical tips and advice to immediately improve Personal Impact and Relationship Management skills, then get in touch to find out more.

Joanna is an expert speaker in all of these areas

Personal Impact

Why Personal Impact matters for organisational performance and career progression and what affects it.

Political Intelligence

What ‘ Office Politics’ is and how to navigate it positively for improved decision making and productivity.

Managing Senior Relationships

How to build positive relationships with more senior people for the benefit of the business.

Successful Client and Prospect Relationships

How to build and maintain positive professional relationships with clients and prospects.

Networking Skills

How to network confidently and strategically so it contributes to business success.


Find out why it’s worth bothering and how to have an effective profile which builds visibility.

Meeting Effectiveness

How to run and participate in meetings to make sure they are effective and a good use of time.

Managing a Team

Learn about the essential skills required to manage a team for productive and effective working, as well as employee retention.

Presenting Engagingly

Whether it's formal or informal, find out how to present information so you effectively inform, influence and/or motivate action.

Dealing with Feedback

Find out how to use feedback to really improve performance. Making sure it is given regularly and effectively, as well as digested and acted upon is key to people and organisational improvement.

Watch me in action:

The session Joanna ran for us was very well received. She was highly engaging and her talk was insightful with plenty of helpful tips to take away. The audience also appreciated the interaction through polls and the opportunity to ask questions. We would highly recommend Joanna for her talk on 'Navigating Organisational Politics Positively'.

— Alexandra Anderson, Partner, RPC

Joanna delivered a talk to over 50 professionals, all of which were delegates of International Professionals Association.

The talk, its content, how it was delivered and the feedback I have received from pretty much everyone that attended has been exemplary, so it is not surprising that some of the audience as well as myself the MD of Sovereign UK Ltd will call on the expert services that Joanna delivers.

Regardless of ones abilities, I contend that periodically, persons like Joanna and what specifically she offers should be commissioned and put to good use. Thank you again Joanna.

— Simon Denton, Managing Director, Sovereign Group

Joanna has delivered a number of soft skills workshops for the Creating Pathways mentees and the BSN network. Joanna is a great presenter. Her sessions are very engaging, interactive and there are always great take aways for attendees. I look forward to working with Joanna again.

— Sedina Aidam, Director and Assistant General Counsel, Bank of America