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The Performance Success Guest Speaker

Are you seeking an authoritative and engaging keynote speaker specialising in professional Personal Impact and Relationship Management? Book Joanna Gaudoin for your next event.

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guest speaker london uk.

Whether you want to focus on one specific area or provide an overview, Joanna’s speaking engagements are characterised by practical advice and suggestions based on research and experience and brought to life with real-life stories.

For over 12 years, Joanna Gaudoin has been working with the City of London firms to increase their performance success, working with their best assets – their people.

Joanna's clients include Mastercard, HSBC, Forsters LLP, Staples Inn Actuarial Society, Joelson Law, Thomas Miller, Marcuson Consulting, Allied Irish Bank, and over 150 individual clients in the UK and overseas.

As the Managing Director of Inside Out Image, she helps bright, knowledgeable people with great technical skills and experience improve their soft skills so they can progress their careers and boost their firm's performance.

guest speaker uk london.

Joanna has been a keynote speaker for many organisations, particularly Professional & Financial Services. The type of events Joanna speaks at include:

Corporate conferences to help your people focus on a topic they might not usually consider and implement new ways of communicating themselves and engaging with others.

Team building days to help your team think about how they engage with one another as a team, which can help motivate and encourage them to work more positively and effectively together.

Networking events to give individuals an opportunity to consider which skills they need to work on beyond their technical ones to improve their performance and the performance of their organisation whilst also improving their career progression.

Professional body conferences to provide members with the opportunity to consider their non-technical skill development and get broader value from their professional body membership.

CPD events to help individuals get the development they need in soft skill areas to broaden their professional development and progress their careers.

As a guest speaker, Joanna has extensive experience in keynote speaking to positively kick off significant events, as well as speaking to smaller groups. She talks about how to positively navigate the workplace, accelerate career progression and improve the success of the organisation – and shows how all three can be achieved so everyone wins.

Get in touch to find out how inviting Joanna as a guest speaker can enhance your next event and make it a more valuable and memorable experience for attendees.

The session Joanna ran for us was very well received. She was highly engaging and her talk was insightful with plenty of helpful tips to take away. The audience also appreciated the interaction through polls and the opportunity to ask questions. We would highly recommend Joanna for her talk on 'Navigating Organisational Politics Positively'.

— Alexandra Anderson, Partner, RPC

Joanna delivered a talk to over 50 professionals, all of which were delegates of International Professionals Association.

The talk, its content, how it was delivered and the feedback I have received from pretty much everyone that attended has been exemplary, so it is not surprising that some of the audience as well as myself the MD of Sovereign UK Ltd will call on the expert services that Joanna delivers.

Regardless of ones abilities, I contend that periodically, persons like Joanna and what specifically she offers should be commissioned and put to good use. Thank you again Joanna.

— Simon Denton, Managing Director, Sovereign Group

Key Speaking Topics

Joanna speaks about the key soft skills people need to achieve both individual and organisational performance success.

keynote speaker uk london.

keynote speaker uk london.

Watch Joanna in action:

What are the benefits of hiring Joanna Gaudoin as your next guest speaker?

Hiring a keynote speaker like Joanna, who specialises in helping companies develop effective professional communication and relationship skills, can benefit big organisations, smaller teams, and individuals. Here are some key reasons:

  1. Enhanced Communication Skills: the session will focus on improving interpersonal communication and relationship management skills, which are vital for building strong teams, effectively conveying ideas and improving productivity.

  2. Increased Employee Engagement: Joanna's keynote talks are designed to motivate employees, leading to improved morale and a more enthusiastic workforce. This can result in higher productivity, job satisfaction and retention.

  3. Leadership Development: gaining knowledge about leadership qualities like empathy, resilience, and decision-making, are essential for nurturing effective leaders in your organisation.

  4. Difficult Conversations: Joanna Gaudoin can provide tools and techniques for having important conversations and managing conflicts more constructively. This is crucial not only for maintaining a harmonious work environment but also for benefitting from everyone's contribution.

  5. Boosts Team Collaboration: by enhancing skills such as empathy, listening, and teamwork, engaging Joanna Gaudoin as your next guest speaker can help create a more collaborative and supportive work culture.

  6. Adaptability and Change Management: in times of change, soft skills such as relationship building and strong communication are invaluable, and your employees will be able to navigate through uncertainty with greater ease.

  7. Personal Development: Soft skills are essential for personal growth and building meaningful relationships, which help individuals have purpose, connection and motivation.

  8. Innovative Perspectives and Ideas: working with a guest speaker like Joanna Gaudoin can often bring new ideas and perspectives that can inspire creativity and new approaches within your team.

Joanna presented at our full-day conference themed ‘Cultivate excellence within yourself, others, and your organisation', on the topic ‘Managing upwards and side-ways positively and effectively’, which was a perfect fit for the theme.

Her 1.5 hour slot enabled time to fully engage with the delegates in explaining context, working through interactive exercises, and Q&A - a perfectly balanced slot.

Joanna is an excellent presenter in that she doesn’t simply stand at the front of the room and talk at delegates for the duration. She walks between tables, poses questions as she goes, provokes food for thought, encourages delegates to respond and interact. She has a wonderfully relaxed, composed, and professional demeanor, which hugely helps delegates to engage with her.

Joanna was a pleasure to work with, from first contact to discussions on presentation content, through to meeting her on the day – a sheer delight!

I would very highly recommend engaging Joanna to present at an event.


— Janice Lowry, AICPA/CIMA

Joanna has delivered a number of soft skills workshops for the Creating Pathways mentees and the BSN network. Joanna is a great presenter. Her sessions are very engaging, interactive and there are always great take aways for attendees. I look forward to working with Joanna again.

— Sedina Aidam, Director and Assistant General Counsel, Bank of America

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