To maximise business performance, people need more than technical & analytical skills.

Which skills do you top performers demonstrate in addition to technical skills?

 How much would your revenues increase if most or all of your team had these often untaught skills too? 

Inside Out Image develops the non technical, ‘soft’ skills of your people to improve your organisation’s performance. After all, when was the last time you bought a service, considering only price and technical ability?

Companies that develop strong business relationships with their clients always outperform their competitors.

It might be a cliché but people do buy from people, especially when what one company offers is comparable to another company or firm. The way law firms, banks, consultancies, financial services companies and other service focused organisations can really differentiate themselves is through their people. Yet, for many technically minded people, these skills don’t come naturally, therefore investment in them is required. Developing these non technical skills in your people means:

  • Clients are far more likely to stay with you and give you more of their business.

  • You will increase your employee retention rates – they are likely to be more motivated, loyal and resilient.

  • Your people will have the skills to grow your business, without being ‘salesy’.

  • Your teams will be more productive and individuals will fulfil their potential for their own benefit and the benefit of the organisation.

The only way to develop this edge is to transform your people’s behaviour, so that they are better equipped to engage with people and build great professional relationships.

The Step Up Programme™

To achieve this, the 4 stages of transformation your people require are:

career progression

Positive Personal Impact

Relationship-building begins with each of us projecting the best version of ourselves and making the right sort of impact, engaging other people and building rapport.

Positive Virtual Impact

How can we ensure we make the right impression online? Moreover, how can we make the right impression when working virtually, ensuring we are as effective at a distance, as in person?

career progression

Successful Internal Relationships

  • Understanding and navigating ‘office politics’ positively.

  • Increasing productivity.

  • Building resilience.

  • Speeding up decision-making.

Successful Client Relationships

Being confident to engage effectively with clients and prospective clients to deliver the best possible performance for your organisation.

The Step Up Programme™ is the transformational training programme to deliver this change.

“This development was a departure from the typical technical or consulting skills training, but was received well, and genuinely made a noticeable difference to a number of attendees. We will look to extend to more senior colleagues in the coming months, and truly was an effective, alternative development activity for our professionals.”

Divisional Managing Director, Large  Global Actuarial Consultancy

Do you want to deliver improved overall performance through more effective behaviours?

The cost of doing nothing:

  • The cost of recruiting and training a new employee is DOUBLE the cost of their salary.

  • Managers spend over 25% of their time coaching and/or supervising underperforming members of their team.

Can you afford your team not to undergo this transformation? How do you stand out from your competitors?

To find out more about how to deliver improved performance and increased revenues through more effective behaviours, request more information below.


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