I spoke at a conference a while ago and the speaker after me was Caroline Holt, who I happen to have known for a few years. She made a point that was a good reminder to me and I hope it might be to you too. It was related to career success and that this phrase should mean whatever you want it to; it doesn’t have to mean getting a promotion. It is something that each of us needs to define for ourselves (incidentally Caroline led an excellent session on imposter syndrome, so you can perhaps understand where her statement came from – you can find more about her work here.

So in this article, I would like to get you think about what career success might mean for you in the coming months, as you reassess where you are at and your goals. I wanted to share 7 of the typical areas that I experience my clients wanting to work on, as these might give you some inspiration regarding what is next for you.

  1. The obvious one is getting a promotion, planning what a step up would look like for you. It might be your boss’s role but if he/she is showing no signs of moving up or out, then you will need to look at other opportunities, which may even be within your current organisation. Which role are you aiming at and what do you need to do to have the opportunity to go for it?
  2. Moving on from your current organisation – maybe you need a change, perhaps your current organisation isn’t aligned with you and your values or, you can see there will be no role for you in the coming months, whether that be your existing role or the next step. What work do you need to do to put yourself into the market – develop your CV, LinkedIn? Do you have a job search strategy? Are you clear on what you are looking for? Click here to watch my ‘Get that Job’ webinar.
  3. Changing your remit – what would you like to spend more or less time on? Are there areas you know you have been neglecting due to time or fear that you don’t have the right skills? Are there areas that you long to delegate to others, in or outside of your team? Take some time to look at each of the changes you’d like to make and what the pathway might be to do so for each.
  4. Building your network – if you have read many of my blogs you will know how vital I believe and know networking is, both internally and externally. After all, you can’t build a network when you need one. Who else do you need to know, both externally and internally? You can only decide this when you have considered your career plan/goals and considered which strategic relationships might be important in the months/years to come. Click here to read my article with top tips on building strategic relationships and increasing your exposure.
  5. Skills gaps – are you struggling to manage and delegate to your team? Are you able to present effectively? Are running meetings and contributing well-developed skills of yours? What gaps do you have that you need to work on that might seem small now but which overall contribute to your career success?
  6. Having a positive personal impact – are you positively memorable at work, both externally and internally? Do people know who you are and seek you out when appropriate? Do you show up consistently and positively in all work scenarios?
  7. Creating a better balance of work and life – are you spending too much time at the office? Are you finding you are never ‘off’, as you are continually thinking about work and checking your emails? What changes could you consider to free up some time? What would you do with more free time?

These are just 7 possibilities, all of which have multiple facets. Remember you need to own your goals and they are about what career success looks like for you. It may be you will have one large goal that perhaps needs other smaller goals to be achieved to achieve it or it might be a series of smaller goals which appear to be less connected.

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