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Organisations are their people.
Transform the people and transform the organisation.


Driving your Organisation Forward by Preventing your Employees from Hitting a Personal Development Wall.

Through school, university and even into first jobs, there is a high degree of focus on knowledge and technical skills. Of course, both of these are extremely important – after all law firms need people with law degrees, actuarial consultants need to pass exams in the core technical subjects, accountants study for their ACA or similar – the list goes on. Even in professions where there are no specific professional exams and qualifications, knowledge in the chosen field of expertise is seen as the key focus for employees.

The challenge comes as people progress up the career ladder, as one client said to me recently “In this firm, technical skills will only get you so far, after that it is ‘something extra’ that is needed.”

It is this ‘something extra’ that is essential for companies to understand and to plan for, so their employees are well equipped to contribute as much as possible to the success and profitability of the organisation, as well as progress their own careers.

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