In talking to a prospective corporate client last week and explaining how important LinkedIn is for individuals and the organisations they work for, that person candidly explained his way of updating his profile. “In my summary, it says how many years’ experience I have, annually I add another year.”

I am not surprised by this, many people working in corporates either don’t have a profile, have one with very little info or one that is fairly populated but not really up-to-date.

The problem is, unless people understand the value of an online profile on LinkedIn. Why would they bother? Your online profile is part of your overall personal brand, to read more about that, click here.

There is also a perception that managing your profile and visibility is a huge task. The truth is it doesn’t need to be!

So why does a positive profile on LinkedIn matter?

  • It gives you a professional presence online and validates who people meet in person. Definitely make sure your profile is professional and up-to-date before you go networking – you want it to be coherent with the person others meet face-to-face.
  • It helps you and your firm to be found online, which can create potential client enquiries. The better presence you have as a firm across LinkedIn, the more credibility you will have.
  • It is an opportunity to showcase your expertise, even if you don’t want to publish articles, your profile should demonstrate your experience, including (in an ideal world) some recommendations from your clients.
  • It helps you to interact with others online credibly and build your knowledge of your sector, your market and beyond.
  • It facilitates you staying in touch with people and having an ‘easy record’ of your network.
  • It will help you enormously when/if the time comes to look for a new role, there are many ‘hidden’ roles available through your network and there are some great roles advertised directly on LinkedIn. Having your profile ready to go makes it easy to start the job search process. Click here to see the key parts of your profile to focus on to make a difference.

How to manage your online profile and visibility in a small amount of time?

  • Diarise to review your profile every 3 months, particularly to add any new interesting work you have been doing. That way it means your profile is always fairly up-to-date and it will never again be a big deal to update it.
  • Use time waiting in queues or for the dinner to cook to scroll down the feed (the app is good) and like, comment and share regarding any posts/articles that catch your eye.
  • Diarise a weekly check in to invite any new people you have met that week, check your messages and connect with any additional people you know. You may also want to share a post of your own – ideas include an article by you/someone at your company, a testimonial you received from a client or perhaps an update on an event you were part of in that week.

If you want to see the difference a good profile and some gentle visibility raising makes you can monitor whether the basic stats on your profile e.g. number of searches you appeared in, increase over time by noting them (they are on your profile page) before you update your profile and then every so often afterwards. That will help you to see the value of your time spent.

If you would like to get your online profile on LinkedIn in good shape and be more visible on there in a small amount of time, why not book a complimentary 30 minute Career Booster session with me to talk it over?

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