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Most career challenges don’t come from your ability to do the work

They come from the impact you have on others and how you set up and manage your professional relationships

Your ability to master your Personal Impact and Manage Relationships affects how successful you are.

How skilful you are in these areas significantly affects how positive your daily work interactions are, your performance and, therefore, your career.

That’s why the Inside Out Image Career Progression Programme™ focuses on helping you understand, develop and effectively use positive Personal Impact and Relationship Management skills.

You will work with Joanna Gaudoin on a one-to-one basis. First, you'll discuss what is going on and Joanna will help you assess the areas you need to focus on to help you achieve what you want. We discuss and work out where we need to focus to help you achieve what you want to.

Joanna then creates a programme that is completely tailored to you and your needs. She is with you for the whole Career Progression Programme™, through one-to-ones and tailored support.

In a structured, supported environment, Joanna helps you:

  • develop and improve your skills

  • put them into practice in your workplace

  • reflect and report back.

As well as ongoing reflection throughout your Career Progression Programme™, at the end you and Joanna assess the overall impact you have had and how much closer you are to resolving your situation. Finally, you and Joanna agree the next actions you need to take to keep the momentum going.

This approach delivers the results you need.

The number of sessions required is usually between four and ten.

Skills that your Career Progression Programme™ may include:

Personal Impact

Learn the Personal Impact foundations of appearance, body language and voice, so you can make an impact that leads to professional success.

Present Engagingly

Being able to present engagingly on and off line, in the real and virtual world, and with confidence in your communication and influencing skills is key to career progression.

Be Prepared to Get Your Next Role

Create an engaging CV and LinkedIn profile, develop an effective job search strategy, and make sure you have the right impact in interviews to get the new role you want - how you come across and what you say.

Positive LinkedIn Profile & Visibility

A Positive LinkedIn profile and the know-how to build your visibility are key for your own career success and to represent your company.

Exposure & Senior Relationships

Build the exposure and senior relationships you need to progress - genuine relationship building is a skill that can be learnt!

Office Politics

'Office Politics' is how you interact with your colleagues and how they perceive your behaviour. Learn how to navigate 'office politics' positively, essential to career success.

Networking Skills & Confidence

Network to get results. When you have a strategy and the skills, you will build a valuable network that will support your current role and career.

Managing a Team

Get the most from your team. These relationships are key to delivering work effectively and supporting your career progression.

Effective Client & Prospect Relationships

Be able to build positive relationships with clients an important skill that will help your company.

Meeting Effectiveness

How to run and participate in meetings to make sure they are effective and a good use of time.

Client Case Studies

I re-joined my old team after an 18-month secondment. I faced a number of challenges in terms of reconnecting with my previous colleagues; connecting with new senior colleagues; and establishing the right place for myself in a team that was quite different to the one I'd left.

I had four one-to-one sessions with Joanna. We discussed the issues and challenges I had. Joanna helped me to determine practical actions I could take to address these. Joanna empowered me to regain my lost self confidence and helped me to position myself an impactful senior team member.

— Director, Global Actuarial Consultancy

Joanna is a fabulous career adviser, coach and word smith. Joanna makes a sometime cumbersome process easy to navigate. She really wants to understand what makes you tick, what happened why in your career, your motivation, why you made what career decisions.

Joanna asks excellent questions. I had the most valuable conversations with her, which prepared me in the best way possible for the interviews.

Needless to say that all the work paid off and I landed my dream job!

I highly recommend Joanna and plan to go back at any time to work with her again on my next move.

— Global Head of M&A & Strategic Projects, Global Pharmaceutical Company

I approached Joanna at a very stagnant and discouraging point in my career. Joanna quickly identified the areas that needed work in just in an initial session. Joanna helped me identify my personal brand, work on strategic relationships, network effectively and become more politically intelligent.

Over the last few months, I faced several challenging and changing circumstances, Joanna was available at the end of a phone call to give me direction whilst reassuring me. I always looked forward to my sessions with Joanna. She showed empathy and gave me the right feedback in the most gentle manner.

— Programme Manager, HSBC